BRAND PROMISE: Olson’s Furniture promises to “Provide You Knowledgeable, Friendly Service and Quality Products at Great Prices.
Throughout the century delivering knowledgeable, friendly service beyond ordinary expectations and providing quality products at a great price, backed up by the family name, has been what is truly important. This simple principle has served four generations of customers, and is the reason family generations continue coming back to Olson’s Furniture. This is truly a ‘family’ business.
The business was started in the early 1900’s by Courad Skalman and Lars Olson as the Underwood Furniture Company. Mr. Skalman succumbed to the epidemic shortly after WWI and Lars took over management of the store. Guy, Lar’s son, worked evenings in the store doing odd jobs and building picture frames. Lars and Guy would spend two generations building the ground works of the furniture store business in Otter Tail county. Passing on the foundation of the Olson legacy to Guy’s son Bob, and his wife Elaine. Together, Bob and Elaine took a heartfelt approach to growing and expanding a family business for another generation. Keith Olson and his wife Kim, the fourth generation, have held the reins as the furniture industry and the economy underwent many changes. Embracing the foundation of service, Keith is become renown as an ardent supporter of the community. There is nary a settler in Fergus Falls that doesn’t know of Ol’ Keith. Near eleven decades and the start of the fifth generation now comes to bear. Built on a foundation of service, the Olson’s believe one of the most important things about a customer is knowing their name. And now, as Brandon begins to succeed his father, he will have many names to meet! And many new generations to welcome.
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