Carpet Care

Formula for a better clean!
If you’ve been unimpressed with other carpet cleaners you’ve tried, you’re not alone. The trouble with most of these cleaners is that they do a better job of diluting and spreading stains than removing them. Capture works differently because it is different.
Regular Care: Capture Deep Cleaning Powder is a soft, delicately scented powder which is made up of thousands of tiny, porous particles. These particles look and act much like little sponges. They adhere and “lock on” to dirt, odor and allergen particles that become attached to your carpet fibers.
First, the Capture cleaning particles starting absorbing dirt, odors and allergens as they come in contact with the carpet fibers. Then, once the Capture particles have absorbed the dirt, odors and allergens, they lock them in until you vacuum. Unlike liquid cleaners, Capture won’t spread stains as you clean carpet fibers! Cleaning Schedule: Use weekly to clean spots and stains as they occur. Use monthly on high traffic areas, such as hallways and entryways; and frequently used rooms, such as family rooms. Use bi-Monthly on carpets and rugs to reduce allergens. Use every 12-18 months to clean all carpets and rugs.
4 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Carpet: Cleaning with Capture is convenient, easy, and very effective. All you need is a vacuum cleaner! To get the best results, follow these simple steps:

1. Pre-Mist: Lightly spray the soiled area with Capture Soil Release Pre-Mist. This helps loosen tough or set-in stains. 2. Sprinkle Powder: Sprinkle Capture Deep Cleaning Powder liberally to completely cover the stain. 3. Brush: Activate the powder by lightly brushing it in. There’s no need to scrub or brush hard! The powder cleans by absorbing the stains it contacts and keeping them contained as it dries. 4. Vacuum: Wait at least 30 minutes, then vacuum up the Capture powder. While Capture is working, you can walk on the powdered area without worry. Since it doesn’t contain bleach or toxic chemicals, you can leave it on your carpet until it’s convenient for you to vacuum. It’s that easy.
 Tip: For heavily soiled traffic lanes, very gently brush the Pre-Mist into the carpet before sprinkling the powder. Tip: For kits that include a sifter, one sifter full of powder covers a 6′ x 6′ area or 36 square feet. Tip: Insert any threaded handle into the carpet brush. This makes brushing the powder over large areas much easier. Tip: When vacuuming a large area of Capture cleaned carpet, start with a fresh bag or empty chamber in your vacuum cleaner for maximum suction.
Frequently Asked Questions

How large an area does Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner powder clean?
One pound of of Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner cleans 100 square feet. The Kit is enough to clean most traffic lanes in today’s homes.

Should I wait until my carpet shows soiling before I have it cleaned?
No. Regular maintenance with Capture can help maintain the new look of your carpet. Allowing dry soils to build up in the carpet pile scars the fibers, taking on a dull, dirty hue. This permanent fiber damage will give the impression of soiling even after carpet cleaning.

Is it possible to clean my carpet too often?
Not at all with a dry carpet cleaner. The more often a carpet is cleaned with Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner, the longer it will maintain its original appearance. It’s an excellent idea to clean high traffic areas and areas of heavy soiling regularly and to clean entire rooms several times a year.

Will dry carpet cleaning destroy my soil-resist or stain-resist treatment?
No. It’s not necessary to reapply stain resistant treatments after every carpet cleaning. However, foot traffic can destroy some soil resisting treatments. Soil and stain resisting treatments should be reapplied after every two to three carpet cleanings, if the carpet is cleaned regularly. Carpet that is not professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months may require a stain resistant treatment after each carpet cleaning.

Can I use Capture on my sofa, chairs or other upholstery?
Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner works great on sofa, chairs, upholstery – even car interiors. Capture is most effective on “pile” type fabrics, but it can clean flat or woven fabrics with a little more effort. Before cleaning your sofa or chairs, check its cleaning code on the tag. The code may be W, S, or X. On fabrics with the “W” cleaning code, you would apply Capture PreMist and the Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner. We suggest using a clean terry cloth towel to work the Capture powder into the fabric. On “S” coded fabrics, use only the Capture Carpet & Rug Cleaner powder (no PreMist). It may take two applications, depending on the construction of the fabric. On “X” coded fabric, we don’t recommend using Capture.

Will Capture bleach my carpet?
Capture carpet care products do not contain any chemicals that can remove color from your carpets or rugs. None of our products contain bleaches, ammonia, brighteners, or any other chemicals that can remove color or react with stains to remove color.

Will Capture clog or break my vacuum cleaner?
Capture Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner is safe for use in all vacuums. We regularly test Capture’s compatibility with a variety of machine models as they enter the marketplace. Capture dry cleaning powder is about the same size as sand, so it’s not so small to clog filters or bags. The only way Capture powder (or for that matter, any particulate) to get to the motor of a vacuum is improper mounting the dust collection bin or bag. If a bin or bag is not properly placed, the air flow will bypass collection and carry all particulates deeper into the vacuum cleaner. Always make sure to check the bin or bag before vacuuming to protect your cleaning machine.

Can I use Capture powder on sisal rugs or sculpted berber carpets?
Capture is very effective on all types and constructions of carpets and rugs. Carpets and rugs that don’t have pile but are flat instead should be cleaned by first applying the PreMist, then GENTLY brushing in the PreMist, followed by applying the powder and brushing that in. The tighter construction of berber sometimes makes penetration of the powder more difficult, so using a little extra PreMist will enhance the Capture powder’s performance.

Can you clean wool rugs with Capture?
Capture may be used safely on all rugs and carpets made of wool. Capture is approved by the Wool Bureau and will not harm the fibers or the rug.